voices for millions (ep)
01 up the river
02 revolution baby
03 voices for millions
04 the riot

all music by the babylon underground
additional guitar by Davide Alesci
produced by Angelo Kelly
recorded by Britta Kühlmann at Silencio Studio, Cologne
mixed by Dario Albiez
mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik Düsseldorf

link | [free download at last.fm]

spread the word (ep)
01 talking about the slaves
02 number one [free download]
03 send all the angels
04 may I shoot you
05 seventy miles away
06 by tv light [free download]
07 born on the third of december

all music by the babylon underground
produced by Chris Friedrich
recorded by Achim Kaiser at Sonic Sound Studio, Viersen
mixed by Achim Kaiser and Chris Friedrich
mastered by Achim Kaiser